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Title: 'Appy Hour with Chrome Apps and Extensions

Day and Time: Tuesday, July 28 9:15

Room: 104

Today's Meet Link:

Presenters: Linda Nitsche


Maximize the potential of digital tools by combining their features and functions to encourage the seamless use of technology. Experience the process of "smashing" different apps together and app “flows”to create pedagogically aligned richer and deeper student learning. See classroom examples that will have you imagining the transformative possibilities.


All Levels


All devices with a Chrome browser.

Outline of Presentation:


Overview of Presentation and Resource Site

Part 1

Drive Apps

Try Some Drive Apps Out

Share How you Would Use Them Here:

Part 2

Chrome Apps

Try Some Chrome Apps Out

Share your Findings

Part 3

Chrome Extensions

Try Some Chrome Extensions Out

Part 4

Quick Challenge



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