Title: Collaborate, Connect, and Transform Your Classroom with Office 365

Day and Time: Tuesday 9:15-10:30

Room: MPR A

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Presenters: Jason Heiser, Dianne Krause, Eric Verno


Ever want to find ways to engage students in mediums they are accustomed to? Give them opportunities to collaborate with one another and you, the teacher? Ever want to connect students to the greatest resource in the room? You can do all of that in Office365! In this session you'll see how Office365 has given students the opportunity to collaborate, connect, and transform how they learn, work, and communicate in and out of school. We will be exploring some technologies in Office365 and their apps to see how they are being used in a classroom setting to meet the challenges of a changing national and global landscape.


Grades: 3-12



Outline of Presentation:

Driving question
Collaborating with O365
Connecting with O365
Transforming with O365


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