Break Down the Walls and Bring the World In!Global Projects for SecondaryWednesday, July 29, 9:15-10:30Room 226


Today's world is hyper-connected and so are today's students. It should be our goal as educators in the 21st century to prepare our students so that they are best able to navigate this global landscape and communicate, collaborate, and create with individuals from all walks of life around the world.

Come to this session to learn about and discuss global projects and how to connect and engage students from a panel of Skype Master Teachers from 4 different continents. They will share their projects and experiences and be happy to answer questions from anyone in attendance. What an awesome opportunity to talk first-hand with Skype Master teachers!


Dianne Krause

Via Skype - International Panel of Master Skype Teachers:

Stacey Ryan (Kansas, USA)
During her 14 years as an educator, Stacey has taught 6th- 8th grade math. Her passion is facilitating real-world applications and projects to make math relevant and meaningful for her students. She wants all students to be confident in math, develop leadership skills, and collaborate effectively with one another as well as professionals who use math in their jobs. As a classroom teacher, Stacey has been recognized as a Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert, State Finalist for the Presidential Award for Excellence in Math and Science Teaching, Kansas Horizon Award recipient, Wichita Business Journal 40 Under 40 Honoree, and Wichita Family Magazine Teacher Who Makes a Difference. She is a Skype in the Classroom Master Teacher, WEB Leader Coordinator, and Fishtree Ambassador. She also founded and coordinates a mentoring program at her school to match at-risk students to community member mentors. Stacey wants students to develop skills to experience success not only in her classroom, but in life.
  • Skype: mrsryanams
  • Twitter: sryana

Iro Stefopoulou (Greece)
Iro Stefopoulou is an English Teacher from Greece. She holds an MA in Education from King's College London and she is a PhD student in the Kapodistrian University of Athens, School of Philosophy and Pedagogy. She speaks Greek, English, French, Italian and Spanish and she is a Cambridge International Examiner for the University of Cambridge. She has been teaching English since 2011 and she wants all her students to have equal opportunities in education and use the English language confidently. Her professional interests include materials creation and helping a student develop as a person not just as a language learner. Iro has participated and organised several European Youth Programmes like Erasmus + and she is also a Skype in the Classroom Master Teacher. She tries to make an impact on her students and her goal as a teacher is to make learning fun and meaningful with all available technological educational tools. Iro' s ambition is her students to develop all the necessary 21st century skills in order to keep abreast of everything they will encounter in their educational, professional and personal lives.
  • Skype: istefopoulou
  • Twitter: @iro_st

Livingstone Kegode (Kenya)
Livingstone Kegode is a Math and Science Educator from Kenya, a Skype in the Classroom Master Teacher who won a Medal as a young and inspirational Skype Master Teacher 2015 at ISTE , Coordinator at Next Generation Global Education Africa, contributor at Distance Teaching, IT Consultancy and Global coordinator at Havillah, Founder and the Executive Director of HIP Africa (www.hipafrica) . His main focus is to help students develop skills that will help them in their daily lives in the current 21st century. His determination is to help the community develop and eradicate poverty from the grass-root. He started a school to support children from the less fortunate family to gain the skills needed and be educated like other children across the world.

Anne Mirtchen (Australia)
Anne Mirtschin is an experienced, award winning educator from Australia. She is married to a sheep farmer and teaches ICT and Commerce at Hawkesdale P12 College a small prep to year 12 school in country Western Victoria, Australia, where students are geographically and culturally isolated. By using technology in innovative ways, the walls of isolation, cost etc can disappear so students can take learning beyond the text book into the real world with those who live there. Anne is on the Global Education Conference leadership team, a Skype Master Teacher, a Flat Connections Educator and Communications Leader for ISTE Global PLN. Her passions are global and rural education.

Audience & Devices

  • 6-12, all subjects, all teachers
  • Any device - tablets, laptops, desktops, phones


  • Intro to session & presenters
  • Connect with Panel
  • Panel self-introductions
  • Project overviews
  • Q & A with panel
  • Resource Sharing & Wrap-up

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