Tuesday July 28 @ 10:45Room: MPR AToday's Meet Link:

Presenters: Eric Verno, Dianne Krause, Jason Heiser

Want to go paperless? Looking for a way to revolutionize teaching and learning? Experience Microsoft OneNote! A free tool that takes digital notebooks to the extreme while keeping everything together on all of your devices. Organize, create, and collaborate anytime anywhere with text, audio, video, and much more!

Audience: K12 Teachers, All Subjects

Primary Device Focus PC/Windows

OneNote is available on PC's/MACS/iPhones/iPads/Android/Windows Phone


Outline of Presentation:

  1. Introduction to Presenters
  2. Introduction to OneNote
  3. Anatomy of OneNote
  4. Looking at Features of a Page
  5. Adding several forms of Content for class.
  6. Searching OneNote
    1. Tags/Table of Contents
  7. Outlook Integration
  8. Collaborating with OneNote
  9. Class Notebooks/Staff Notebooks
  10. Eploration
  11. Q & A


Check out the page that was made using the OneNote App. This was also saved to the OneNote notebook online! Need OneNote to view. Enjoy!

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