Title: CBL and Student Voice

Day and Time: Thursday July 30, 2015 10:45 - 12:00

Room: 119

Today's Meet Link: CBLandStudentVoice

Presenters: Jennifer Brinson


As a follow-up to Makenna's keynote address on Tuesday, this session will offer a look at Challenge Based Learning. We will talk about how one teacher does it, what to prepare for, and how to assess. Also, the audience will have a chance to hear about CBL from the students' point of view and how their learning has changed as a result of CBL.

Audience: All educators!

Devices: Bring your creative juices, open mind, and willingness to stretch!

Outline of Presentation:

Introduction to CBL
What to consider
Student Voice
Suggestions on how to start
Discussion of ideas


CBL Prezi

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