Makenna Lenover

2015 Graduate of Salisbury High School

Bryn Mawr College - Class of 2019

Classical Archaeology, Anthropology, and International Studies triple major


Makenna began Little Known Help Zone in 2011 during her freshman year of high school. She has traveled throughout Central America including Costa Rica, Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador promoting organizations, kids, and animals in need. Makenna works chooses a country based on her research of the problems existing in the various countries. She has worked with Roatan Children's Fund, Jaguar Refuge, Helping Honduras Kids, Mayan Families, Remar Orphanage, and Amigos of Costa Rica. Makenna makes it her mission to represent and fight for human rights for underrepresented groups in Central America.

Makenna is and always will be a lifelong learner. She is dedicated to making the world a better place and lives to see a child smile or know that she has done something right for those in need.

Little Known Help Zone

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